The Four Global Forces Breaking All The Trends

In many ways, property management is only recently starting to catch up with the rest of the business world and the danger is that many property managers are not aware of what is happening around them. Simple saying. “Well this is the way we have always done things” is not going to cut it any more. Things are changing and they are changing fast.

The world economy’s operating system is being rewritten and leaders have to adjust to this new reality. So say McKinsey Global Institute directors Richard Dobbs, James Manyika, and Jonathan Woetzel in a new book “No Ordinary Disruption.”

These trends have major implications for the Property Management Industry no matter if you are in Sydney, Melbourne, London or New York.

We have been writing quite a bit lately about technological change and its impact on Property Management, however, readers of this book will start to see that we also need to understand that trade and who trades with whom is also changing very quickly.

The trends are:

  • The age of Urbanisation
  • Accelerating Technological Change
  • Responding To The Challenges Of An Aging World
  • Great Global Connections

Ignore these trends are your peril.

While it is full of opportunities, this era is deeply unsettling. And there is a great deal of work to be done.

Much of what we think about how the world works is wrong!  We need to get a handle on the disruptive forces transforming the global economy; to identify the long-standing trends that are breaking, and to develop the courage and foresight to clear the intellectual decks and prepare to respond.

Today our world is undergoing an even more dramatic transition due to the confluence of four fundamental disruptive forces—any of which would rank among the greatest changes the global economy has ever seen.

These lessons apply as much to policy makers as to business executives. The process of resetting your internal navigation system can’t begin soon enough.

There is an urgent imperative to adjust to these new realities. Yet, for all the ingenuity, inventiveness, and imagination of the human race, we tend to be slow to adapt to change and Property Managers are no different. There is a powerful human tendency to want the future to look much like the recent past.

On these shoals, huge corporate vessels have repeatedly foundered. Revisiting our assumptions about the world we live in—and doing nothing—will leave many of us highly vulnerable.

Gaining a clear-eyed perspective on how to negotiate the changing landscape will help us prepare to succeed. I think this book could help open your eyes and mind.

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Martin Conboy

Martin is well recognised as one of the leading voices of the outsourcing industry and its role in facilitating outsourcing success throughout the Asia Pacific.  Martin was voted into the top five most influential and respected people in the global call centre outsourcing industry in November 2014.  Martin is an accomplished writer and public speaker and has delivered keynote addresses at BPO – ICT and Shared Services conferences in Australia, Bangladesh, China, Hong Kong, India, Korea, Malaysia, Mauritius, Middle East, The Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and USA.

Martin is a Director and shareholder of Virtual Property Manager a new and innovative business model for the Property Management space.


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