Keys to success in the Property Management business

Learn some tips to gain success in the property management business.

Successful property managers are good with people, pay meticulous attention to detail, and are straightforward in their dealings with clients, tenants and contractors.

As more and more of your revenue comes from property management the challenge is to grow your business and provide a professional and comprehensive property management service, without pricing yourselves out of the market.

We understand that it’s not easy surviving let alone competing in an ultra-competitive market with margins shaved to the bone and being constantly forced to do more with less.

Your clients want better service faster and are not prepared to pay more for it and you struggle to keep up with the demand. After all you can only break yourself in to so many pieces.

All that is about to change with Virtual Property Manager (VPM). Business concepts that were unimaginable five years ago are now mainstream. Some of the most profitable real estate companies in the world are outsourcing their back office processes. By outsourcing their back office, they are freed up to concentrate on growing their business by re-directing their energy towards personal relationships, which is the key to growth and retention in property management.

Virtual Property Manager is a brand new support business that provides busy and time poor Property Managers with a seamless, on demand, end-to-end support service. VPM is a back of house solution that enables your business to grow twice as fast at half the cost. Virtual Property Manager replicates how you currently perform your property management tasks and processes but at half the cost.

At Virtual Property Manager, we work for you. Not the tenant and not the property owner. You.

Virtual Property Manager works behind the scene and our public face is a “white label” operation. All our written communications from your software with your tenants and owners are branded with your name, address and logo and we provide a dedicated property management phone line to manage the majority of the property management telephone traffic.


About Peter Springett

Peter has more than 40 years’ experience designing & launching new technology based solutions into the UK, Australian US & NZ markets and has over 20 years bureau and outsourcing experience. He was founder and former public officer and secretary of the Australian BPO Association.

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