Outsourced services will dominate Property Management industry


Outsourcing will now soon be on top recommended service in property management industry.

(Updated at September 18, 2017)

Outsourcing non-revenue generating services is the way of the future for Property Management companies and will allow Property Managers to concentrate on their core strengths and growing the business.

Property management assistance work, inspections, maintenance and Trust accounting services can all be outsourced in some way, shape or form, it is the way of the future. Getting and retaining quality staff is becoming harder and harder so by outsourcing routine tasks it allows for business continuity whilst allowing permanent staff to focus on their core strengths and growing the business.

Virtual Property Manager (VPM) frees up property managers and agency principals to grow your business by taking away all of those necessary but non-revenue generating tasks that take up to 70% of your valuable time. After all one of your key goals is to create a better experience for property owners and tenants by offering the best customer service experience.

The property management office of the future must retain a personal touch but its back office can be delivered remotely and scaled as needed whist achieving significant cost advantages. Our service is the perfect combination of remote highly trained, specialist property management assistants and streamlined processes that are brought together using leading edge cloud based technology. Using your existing trust accounting and property management system, your existing business rules, tradespeople and contractors we replicate what works best for your agency.

No one else in the Australian property and outsourcing market today brings together the people, processes and technology to deliver a property management service like Virtual Property Manager©.

Virtual Property Manager works behind the scene and our public face is a “white label” operation. All of our written communications from your software with your tenants and property owners are branded with your name, address and logo and we provide a dedicated property management assistant phone line and cloud based services, to manage the majority of your property management needs.


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