Top 10 tasks for Virtual Property Manager Assistants

Here are top 10 tasks for Virtual Property Manager Assistants that you can outsource to.

Have you been driving yourself sick working harder and harder for less satisfying results? If you work in real estate, you’re not alone. Property Managers and realtors are choosing to hire Virtual Property Manager Assistants and here is a of the Top 10 tasks that Property Managers request assistance with!

Repairs & Maintenance – including receipt of the repair request from the tenant, property owner or property manager, arranging the repair, through to checking that the work has been completed correctly and the tradie invoice is verified and paid.

Property Inspections – including arranging the inspection visit with tenant, ensuring that the property profile is up to date, transcribe audio recordings or format mobile app based property inspection reports through to updating the property profile in the Trust Accounting system and sending copy to the property owner and property manager.

Pre & Post Tenancy – including advertise property, arrange open house, review tenant applications, produce short list, manage tenant self-interview, conduct reference & finance checks, assist with preparation of lease, manage bond, tenant on-boarding and manage end of tenancy process.

Financial Services – including Trust & General Accounting, manage rent arrears and payment reconciliations such as rental receipts and payments to property owners, tradies etc.

Marketing – including website development & management, social network management, SEO & SEM, content marketing, produce agency eNewsletters, manage your Facebook & LinkedIn pages, post blogs and manage Internet marketing campaigns.

Email Management – including managing your spam and low-level emails so that you can focus on your higher value and revenue generating tasks.

CRM & Database Management – including setting up, updating and managing your CRM and/or contact database. Make sure that your most important asset – your contacts, are always up to date. We can even assist you with maintaining regular points of contact.

Appointment & Calendar Management – Let your virtual property assistant help you to manage your most precious resource – your time! By arranging & confirming appointments and manage your Calendar/Diary.

Late Night Work – Many property managers choose to have their virtual property assistant work a later shift, to manage after-hours calls or complete other tasks, to get you ready for the next morning.

Errands & On the Run Tasks – As your virtual property assistant is always available, you can easily text, Skype or message them, while you are ‘on the run’, to handle small, but important tasks.
Those are only part of the tasks for virtual property manager assistants. By outsourcing your team’s least profitable tasks, you’ll save time and money, while allowing your employees to achieve that elusive work – life balance.


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