What A Virtual Property Manager Assistant Can Do More

Trust & General Accounting
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We can work with your existing cloud based trust accounting software, or assist you to move to a modern, more flexible cloud based system if you would like. We can assist you with data entry of disbursements, perform the bank reconciliation and create payment files for your approval. All invoices are entered for payment and our Trust Accounts Controllers evaluate each invoice prior to authorising the payment as a part of your regular payment run. We automate administration, streamline workflows, improve efficiency and make tasks like Trust Accounting easier and more accurate.

We act immediately on non-payment of rent and manage the arrears process up to 14 days. We ensure the appropriate notifications (emails and texts) are sent to the tenant at the prescribed times, and if necessary will manage the rental termination process, including application for a termination order. By handling the process quickly and professionally, we reduce the risk of costly escalations.

Agency General Accounting is a time consuming, but important task for your back office. Our bookkeepers keep track of the day-to-day finances of your business to ensure that bank balances, expenses, disbursements, income etc. reconcile and that there aren’t any discrepancies. Staying on top of your finances reduces the risk of small issues turning into big problems.


Website design, development and maintenance are a specialist and time-consuming job. Our website professionals keep your website up to date easily and cost-effectively, delivering a great user experience on computers, iPads and smart phones. They also look at ways to improve workflow processes by automating as many visitor interactions as possible without losing the personal touch.

Social media provides a way to further connect with local clients and groups and boost your real estate marketing efforts. Social can build trust, and spread your marketing through friends of friends. It is especially important to remember that today’s social media savvy tenants are ready and willing to share both positive and negative customer service experiences with their online communities, so you need to be on top of what’s happening. We can setup and manage all your social media channels.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are critical, complex and the rules are changing all the time. Outsourcing overcomes that risk and gets you specialist SEO and SEM advice without needing to recruit, train and retain full-time staff, or risk the inherent skill-loss. Most companies don’t need, or can’t afford, a full-time specialist. Outsourcing means you only pay for exactly what you need.

Producing enough content for websites, newsletters, social media and brochures is a top challenge for many agencies due to limited staff, budget or both. Because of this, content marketing tasks often fall to the wayside in these organisations, or on the plates of already busy marketers. Outsourcing to our specialists means you can produce marketing materials easily and cost effectively.


Let someone else deal with spam and low-level emails, so that you can focus on what is truly important. Email uses a large amount of IT time and money – by outsourcing it not only is time freed up and costs driven down but a whole range of new functionality can be incorporated to improve the workflow processes.

Create and nurture your customer relationships by monitoring and quantifying your most important contacts in your CRM database and we can regularly update and manage points of contact. Data hygiene is critical in real estate so we can take on the laborious tasks of creating, cleaning and growing databases on your behalf. That frees up Property Managers to spend time with clients, not their data records.

Many Principals and Property Managers choose to have their virtual staff members work a 12.00pm – 9.30 pm (AEST) shift, to complete the daily tasks ready for the next day and handle after-hours calls. Clients expect 24 hour service and by outsourcing afterhours you can give them that service at a fraction of the cost.

Instead of spending valuable time each week setting up appointments or chasing down those who aren’t that interested in talking with you, time can be spent on the phone or working with those who have scheduled calls. Between meetings, property viewings, inspections and tenancy signings, who has time to manage a calendar? We do!

Information in today’s knowledge age plays a pivotal role. However the cost to process all the data is skyrocketing. Transcription is a specialised skill and not everyone can transcribe with accuracy and expertise. We pride ourselves on accuracy, speed and value for money because you only pay for what you need. Outsourcing transcription means your personnel are used more efficiently and productively with minimal investment.

Keep up to date with real estate market trends, competitor research, build lists and stay up to date with the latest industry data and reports. We are able to conduct web based desk research on your behalf, send out client and tenant surveys, and manage all aspects of data collection and report writing.


✓ Maximization of technology use
✓ Customer-centric relationship for Property Manager’s end
✓ Focus on the increase of rental sales


Our business model is based on providing a full ‘Shared Services’ back office facility, tasked with supplying our clients with specialised services.


✓ Saves your valuable time
✓ Saves you on labor costs
Offers best customer service
We replicate what works best for you