What A Virtual Property Manager Assistant Can Do

Repairs and Maintenance

We can handle all aspects of property repairs and maintenance, from the initial receipt of the repair request from the tenant, property manager or inspector, up to checking that the work has been completed to the satisfaction of the tenant and that the tradie invoice has been verified against their work order and has been approved for payment by the trust accountant.

We can also schedule and manage all routine property maintenance, such as lawn mowing, gardening, pool cleaning, clearing gutters, checking smoke alarms etc.

The tasks would include:

  • Obtaining quotations for the required work
  • Negotiating and agreeing terms with the appropriate tradies
  • Preparing and submitting work orders to the selected tradies
  • Send pre-visit reminders to tradies and tenants
  • Verify and confirm completed maintenance task to Tenant and Property Managers
  • Reconcile tradie invoice against work order and approve for payment

As part of our solution, we can either work with your agency’s existing property repairs and maintenance module or provide the agency, Property Manager and Principal with a cloud based ‘dashboard’, which can run on any device, including PC, Mac, tablet and smart phone. It is designed to operate independently or alongside any trust accounting system including REST, Console, Palace, RP Office, PropertyMe, Sherlock or PropertyTree. The dashboard gives the Property Manager and Principal total mobility, allowing you to review where each landlord/tenant/tradie contact and property related task is up to and be able to manage any issue, from anywhere, at any time.

By using the ‘dashboard’, the Principal and Property Manager will be able to see ‘at a glance’, which tasks are outstanding, why they are outstanding (e.g. waiting for tradie quote or owner approval) and those that are being processed by your VPM assistant, some of which may require your feedback or action.

Property Inspection and Reports

We can either review due inspections, produce and send inspection notification letters to your tenants, prepare the daily inspection schedule (including the routing), conduct all the Routine Inspections on your behalf, prepare and upload the inspection report and photos for review by your property manager, then upload the approved report to your trust system and send to the Owner (however, we recommend that your property manager does this as a ‘touch point’). We can also perform any follow up actions, such as arranging repairs or maintenance adding follow up notes etc. That means your Property Managers have more time to perform higher-value customer facing work.

Alternatively, we can review all the due inspections, produce tenant notifications and provide scheduling support for your property manager or in-house inspector, so that they can conduct all Routine Inspections and Entry/Exit Condition Reports.

There are a number of property inspection mobile ‘apps’ in the market, which can run on your tablet or smart phone. These apps are used for assisting the Property Manager to conduct property inspections and producing routine inspection reports, ingoing-entry and outgoing-exit property condition reports, inventories, cleaning and maintenance.

You may already be using an app, which you are comfortable with. However, you may also want to consider using our fully functioned property inspection app, which is fully integrated with our property maintenance ‘dashboard’, most trust accounting systems and the VPM back office service.

The app allows you to capture comments and photos quickly and efficiently and produces quality, professional reports that are tailored for your business. The app can be branded with your company logo, required legislative information, maintenance, cleaning and other components that reflect what is important to you and your business.

Some Property Managers prefer a more traditional approach to conducting property inspections. To accommodate that requirement, we have developed a ‘recording & transcription’ service. To use this service, the Property Manager downloads our recommended recording app onto their smart phone and then conducts the property inspection, by simply using their phone as a dictation device and records the inspection.

Once the Property Manager has completed the inspection, they upload the recording and any photos into the VPM portal and our specialist property inspection agents will transcribe the recording and produce the report in your required format. The completed report can then be sent back to the Property Manager as a draft and after the Property Manager has his/her approval, it will then be distributed as per pre-agreed requirements and is loaded into your trust accounting system.

Pre & Post Tenancy

We list your available properties online, coordinate display advertising, signage and print whilst all the while keeping the Property Manager on the loop as to when and where the property is advertised. Full reporting including budget analysis is provided per rental property. In today’s media-saturated world advertising is almost a full-time job, one which we are happy to take on.

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We manage all aspects of your Open House inspections, update the Property Manager’s calendar and liaise with tenants and property owners. We assist the Property Manager with all preparations and arrange brochure production. After each Open House we will produce the Attendee Report, as well as transcribe verbal and written notes from the Property Manager’s conversations with potential tenants to produce an Attendee Feedback Report. By streamlining this process, Open Houses are no longer a time and resource burden.

We screen all tenancy applications and produce a short list of suitable tenants for the property owner to review. Upon selection of a preferred tenant, we conduct reference and financial checks, prepare lease documentation, schedule lease signing, process bond payments and assist with tenant on-boarding.

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We handle all aspects of bond administration, including bond payment, liaison with the Bond Administrator, bond release and discussion of any deductions with the Property Manager. Once a lease is in place, lease administrators continue to manage and monitor rental payments, coordinate any tenant alterations, and handle lease amendments when necessary. Keeping property owners and tenants happy are the key to long term relationships and starting the relationship off the right way is key.

There are processes that must be followed to correctly end an agreement and we do them seamlessly. We facilitate the end of tenancy process, coordinating the end of tenancy clean, bond processing, inspections and any repairs. We allow the right amount of time for the notice period and keep full records of all tasks for accurate reporting.


✓ Maximization of technology use
✓ Customer-centric relationship for Property Manager’s end
✓ Focus on the increase of rental sales


Our business model is based on providing a full ‘Shared Services’ back office facility, tasked with supplying our clients with specialised services.


✓ Saves your valuable time
✓ Saves you on labor costs
Offers best customer service
We replicate what works best for you