The Benefits of Hiring a VPM Assistant

Say goodbye to the headaches, frustration and time constraints of managing tenant repair requests, conducting routine inspections, trust accounting, managing rent collection & arrears and say hello to the value adding tasks of building relationships and strong networks, growing the agency rent roll and improving overall profit.

Reduced Costs

With 1.1 million Australians employed in the property industry, employment costs comprise a huge component of operating costs.

By using VPM outsourced services, you will reduce the following staff costs:


Superannuation expenses


Payroll Tax


Holiday Pay, Leave Loading, Sick Pay, Maternity Leave


Advertising, recruitment, on-boarding & training


Vehicle/travel costs, fuel, maintenance, registration, green slip & insurance


Mobile phone


General expenses


Plus other related ‘on-costs’, which can *add up to 25% in addition to a person’s salary

Increased productivity

By outsourcing the backend, non-revenue producing tasks to us you can move your staff to higher value, revenue generating activities, such as attracting new property owners and increasing the agency rent roll.

You can outsource one or multiple processes. You choose what processes and tasks you outsource and when to outsource them. It’s all about saving time, reducing costs, improving your client service and increasing your bottom line.

You are in full control.

We provide:


Administration support for your Property Managers, freeing them up for higher value, revenue generating tasks


Back up staff for peak periods or when staff are away or sick


Long term, reliable, property management support staff, dedicated only to you and your agency

It’s all about doing much much more with less.